About Us

Founder Profile

Sarah Yong is the founder and CEO of Origins Foodist. Since her growing up years in college, she was always passionate about the food industry and started of her journey graduating from ACADEMIE De GRENOBLE Hotel Management, specializing in Food & Beverage. She went on to work in the hotel industry and then took a leap of faith and moved to Japan in her quest to specialize in Japanese food products. It wasn’t all glitter and rainbows and it was tough to get into the food industry at that time, so in order to survive, she challenged herself by accepting a job in sales for a well-known machinery and automation company.  In those 10 years, she quickly moved up the ranks and went on to work in the Food Processing Automation division.
オリジンズ・フーディストの創設者兼CEO サラ・ヨンは、学生時代から常に食品業界に情熱を注いできました。フランスのグルノーブル・アカデミーのホテルマネジメント学部でF&B(レストランサービス)を専攻。卒業後にホテル業界で経験を積んだ後、日本の食品を追求するために日本へと居を移しました。夢のように思い描いていた日本での生活は思いのほか大変で、日本の食品業界への道は険しいものでした。日本では生活のために著名な機械メーカーでの営業の仕事に就職。その会社で10年間キャリアを磨き、最終的に食品加工自動機械の部門で活躍しました。

Her passion for food combined with her experience in sales and marketing finally led her to co-founding her first venture, Leanwork Asia. The company was focused on importing and distributing healthy Japanese products to the Taiwan market.
サラ・ヨンの「食」への飽くなき情熱は、仕事で培った営業経験と結びつき、その後ついにリーンワーク・アジア(Leanwork Asia)を共同で起業。主に健康な日本食を輸入・販売する会社を運営しました。

In 2018, Sarah took all her experience, and founded Origins Foodist, a specialized healthy food retail and distribution business with the goal to have additive and pesticide free products available to every kitchen in Asia. Their services include, consulting Japanese farmers and food producers of high quality and healthy products to market and expert to the region. Origins Foodist has a flagship retail store & café at Minsheng District, Taipei City, providing a selection of healthy groceries and experts sharing information about personal care and how you can improve your health through understanding what you consume.

Sarah’s ultimate goal is to be able to setup neighborhood Origins Foodist stores across Asia to improve the health of families, especially the elderly, in hope that they can live better lives.
サラの究極の目標は、アジア中にオリジンズ・フーディストの店舗を展開すること。オリジンズ・フーディストを通じて、アジアの人々、とりわけご高齢の方々がより健康的な、より良い生活を送れるようにしたい - サラはそう願っています。